EXTRamile gives people gifts when they utilize popular apps and wearables to take steps toward being healthy

Motivate engagement that boosts performance.

extraMILE is a B2B engagement tool that plugs into the motivational platforms and systems of our business and corporate partners. 

Our tool rewards people for engaging in consistent healthy activity, not for athleticism. So whether they are just starting out, or have been keeping active for years, they will be rewarded for every mile of their journey toward a healthier and more productive lifestyle.



of extraMILE members increase their level of engagement.

"extraMILE is just an extra incentive to get up in the mornings and run."


Keep it up.


of extraMILE members find the tool helpful with being engaged.

"extraMILE is a great motivator to keep me consistent with exercising. If I weren't trying to keep weekly point expectations, I would definitely not exercise as much as I do being a part of this program."



of extraMILE members reach top level positive engagement.

"extraMILE increases my awareness of my current activities and helps me realize simple ways to increase the value of my activities by either quality or quantity, to earn more points."